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Live Company Group is a Public Limited Company incorporated in England and Wales.

Live Company Group (LVCG) plc is a live events and entertainment group.

LVCG owns the BRICKLIVETM brand. BRICKLIVE is a global content provider for brick-based events, focused on creating an environment that encourages interactive play, fosters creativity, collaboration and physical experiences in an inclusive and safe environment and one of the two primary divisions on LVCG.

Our production unit, Bright Bricks produces our mesmerising models.

Since it first started, BRICKLIVETM has grown rapidly in Europe, Asia, South and North America with 18 events held in 2017, 34 events held in 2018, 71 events held in 2019 and 30 events held in 2020. We've now reached a total of 153 events to date with more to follow. We look forward to growing the brand and working with partners across the world to deliver memorable and enjoyable experiences at our BRICKLIVETM events.

LVCG formed a new division LCSE in December 2020 which will conceptualise, acquire rights, commercialise and deliver sport, lifestyle and entertainment events.